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I have just come back from a lovely trip to the Northern part of Denmark. Skagen is known to be a favourite among Danish painters for its light. So visiting the Skagen museum is a must, specially when the weather is not so good. In the museum it’s possible to see some of the most famous works of the Skagen painters, Krøyer, Michael and Anna Ancher, among others. I knew already some of Krøyer’s works, I like the light in his paintings and his “Blue Period”. In Skagen I discovered Anna Ancher, I didn’t know her paintings but I really like her style.

As well as famous painters, the nature in Skagen is quite special, maybe a bit rough specially in this time of the year but it’s very beautiful, there is long empty beaches, at least this time of the year, sand dunes, that if it wasn’t for the cold weather you could imagine that you are in the Sahara dessert and lots of picturesque little villages.

Råbjergmile by Belen OlsenGl Skagen by Belen OlsenDen Tilsandede Kirke by Belen OlsenGrenen by Belen Olsen

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